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30 Problems We Had As Kids That No One Needs To Worry About Today!

As millennials, we don’t really get the problems that today’s kids have. And to be honest, we often don’t even understand the context of their problems. Or have you on TikTok lately? On the other hand, we had problems between the 80s and 2000s that are hard to explain today. Why did we have “Anti-Skip” on our CD players, for example? And why did we rub bananas onto our CDs?

We don’t think we can teach today’s kids anything with this article – but it might at least help you “oldies“ remember a thing or two… Here are 30 everyday problems that only millennials will remember!

#1 Starting a download and seeing a wait time like this

#2 This trauma

#3 This safety measure

Removing the faceplate of your car stereo so it wouldn’t get stolen. from r/nostalgia

#4 Waiting days for your disposable camera’s pictures to develop, only to find out they’re useless:


#5 This PC madness

#6 Carrying our music collection around was not quite so easy

#7 Printing out the route before you got in the car…

#8 Mobiles back then were complicated


#9 Having to press a button three times before you got the right letter

#10 Running out of credit on your phone

#11 Hobbling yourself with a scooter slam to the ankle

Getting hit on the ankle by a razor scooter…. from r/nostalgia

#12 Wow! We could fit a whole 21 songs onto our burnt CDs

#13 Not getting added by your high school crush on Myspace

#14 We used to pay a lot for a ringtone

#15 Losing a part of your super-cool awesome pen

#16 When you were recording your new ringtone off the radio and someone started making noise

#17 When the one film you wanted to rent had already been rented

#18 Seeing this heinous sight on your XBox

#19 It hurt but you just had to do it

#20 Listening to your CD player and trying to stay cool while it kept skipping

These panasonic CD players! Anti-skip technology from r/nostalgia

#21 Spending hours looking for the album art on Google just to have none of it save

#22 Taking the CD out and seeing this:

#23 …and trying to solve the problem

#24 When we infected our family PC with viruses after downloading from LimeWire

#25 That tear in your Livestrong getting bigger and bigger:

#26 Writing on your totally cool Converse sneakers and always misspelling something

#27 “Quickly” scrolling through TV Guide and missing the ONE channel you wanted to see

#28 When getting kicked out of the top 8 friends list on Myspace could end a friendship

Remember ranking your MySpace top 8 friends? from r/nostalgia

#29 When you wanted to play your Game Boy, but the lights were already out

#30 Cleaning the mouse was an annoying job

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30 everyday problems that only millennials will remember!