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20 Discontinued Childhood Sweets We Were Obsessed With!

Hardly anything brings back more childhood memories than sweets (except perhaps our favorite shows from back then). Especially because many of them are no longer interesting for us as adults.
An example: When was the last time you ate Squeez-Its? Certainly it has been many years ago. Today, we would probably be a little disgusted by them because they taste so artificially sweet – but it would still take us right back to our childhood.

Therefore, it is always tragic when treats that you used to love are suddenly no longer available… As in the following cases: Here are 20 discontinued sweets that we loved as children!

#1 Creme Savers

#2 3D Doritos

#3 Kudos

#4 Hershey’s Kissables

Hershey’s kissables… Like M&Ms but better! from r/nostalgia

#5 Flintstone Push-Up Pops

#6 Butterfinger BBs

#7 OUCH! Gum

Ouch Gum from r/nostalgia

#8 Squeeze Pop

#9 Trix Yogurt

Trix Yogurt by Yoplait was pretty bomb from r/nostalgia

#10 Pizzarias

Pizzarias! Who misses these? from r/nostalgia

#11 Lollipop Paint Shop

#12 Squeez-Its

#13 Waffle Crisp

#14 Twisted Cheetos

#15 Ice Breakers Liquid Ice

#16 Altoids

#17 Oreo Cakesters

#18 Pepsi Blue

#19 Reeses Swoops

#20 Yogos

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