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20 Cartoon Series All 90s Kids Have Almost Forgotten!

There are plenty of cartoon series around today too of course – but unlike today’s kids, who only need to quickly go online to watch Rick and Morty on Netflix, we had to switch on the TV and wait. Cartoon series from the 90s and the early 2000s were worth the wait though, and today they are justifiably considered classics, which streaming giants have made available to younger generations as a form of general education.

Whether it was on Nickelodeon or other TV channels – the following cartoon series were simply hits at the time. Do you remember any of them?

#1 The absolute classic: Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles

#2 You can still watch Pepper Ann as an adult…

#3 Recess was always showing on our TV

#4 Inspector Gadget always had a solution at the ready

#5 There’s no childhood without Pokémon!

#6 Do you remember George Shrinks?

#7 Tutenstein was on the children’s channel

#8 Dragon Tales in the early 2000s

#9 Do you remember the names of the characters in ¡Mucha Lucha!?

#10 Was Teamo Supremo also your favorite series on Disney Channel?

#11 Arthur was always so cute!

#12 Cyberchase came from Canada

#13 Static Shock was also broadcast in the early 2000s

#14 Sonic X was the coolest hedgehog around

#15 You could have a good laugh with Teen Titans Go!

#16 Curious George was something for your little brother

#17 The Seven Little Monsters were real whirling dervishes

#18 Kirby was also one of your favorites, right?

#19 You liked watching Disney’s Fillmore! too

#20 An absolute must for any millennial – Lloyd in Space

Which of these cartoon series did you watch back then? Leave us a comment!