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If You Had 10 Of These 20 Toys, You Were A Real 90s Girl!

Toys were everything to you in your childhood in the 90s. Unlike today’s girls, who already have Snapchat by the age of seven, you still needed your imagination and really played in the 90s. But then the toys from back then were just fantastic! Whether it was Barbie’s Dreamhouse or Polly Pocket – you spent countless hours in your childhood dream world and were able to forget everything around you. Can children today still do that? If you had 10 of the following 20 toys when you were a child, you’re a real 90s girl!

#1 Naturally – all the Polly Pocket toys

#2 A Barbie Dreamhouse. You knew you would live in a house like that when you grew up… and now look at your actual home (sigh)

#3 This majestic Barbie

#4 A whoooole lot of friendship bracelets

#5 The baby for kids who were still babies themselves: Baby Born

#6 „Safe“ rollerskates

#7 A Barbie that came with perfume, so you could smell like your blonde idol

#8 Care Bears

#9 And of course you had to have a Furbie. It was just creepy when your fluffy friend would suddenly start talking in the middle of the night…

#10 Magic Trolls en masse

#11 Oilily’s very special children’s perfume

#12 This toy telephone

#13 Or this one

#14 Rainbow Brite (including the audio books of course!)

#15 Fluffy friends

#16 A lot of „coloring stuff“

The briefcase art kits! from r/nostalgia

#17 Were you obsessed with My Little Pony?

#18 And of course Barbie’s sister Skipper was part of your collection

#19 And Ken, because Barbie had needs too (ones you didn’t comprehend, but somehow you knew that’s the way it was)

#20 Cherry, Merry, Muffin – Mattel’s baking doll. You had all of Mattel’s dolls anyway…

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