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30 People Who Have Changed A Lot Since Their Schooldays!

One cannot stop the course of time, they say. But luckily, sometimes time is on our side. Some people simply look much better as young adults or later in life than they did back in school.
As in the following cases: Here are 30 people whose looks have gotten better and better over time!

#1 “Age 17-24, Was Bullied A Lot Growing Up”

Age 17-24, was bullied a lot growing up. from r/uglyduckling

#2 “Grew Into My Face A Little (19 vs. 26)”

grew into my face a little(19 vs 26) from r/uglyduckling

#3 “15 To 23. No Makeup For A Better Comparison”

15 to 23. No makeup for a better comparison from r/uglyduckling

#4 “From About 11ish(?) To 25. My Skin Cleared Up, I Got Braces, Learned How To Make Up And Fill In My Eyebrows”

From about 11ish(?) to 25. My skin cleared up, I got braces, learned how to make up and fill in my eyebrows. I was made fun of/very lonely growing up, and I feel the way that I looked had a big impact on why I am the way that I am now. “Be Kind” from r/uglyduckling

#5 “16-19 Or: How I Learned To Start Shaving And Escape The Neckbeard”

16-19 or: How I Learned to Start Shaving and Escape the Neckbeard from r/uglyduckling

#6 “Age 14 To 19. Lost Some Weight And Gained Some Confidence Along The Way”

Age 14 to 19. Lost some weight and gained some confidence along the way. from r/uglyduckling

#7 “16-20. Does This Count?”

16-20. Does this count? from r/uglyduckling

#8 “12 – 24 Even My Family Doesn’t Recognize Me These Days, It’s Nice”

12 – 24 Even my family doesn’t recognize me these days, it’s nice from r/uglyduckling

#9 “Life Begins At 40! 25 –> 40”

Life begins at 40! 25 –> 40 from r/uglyduckling

#10 “13 – 25”

13 – 25 from r/uglyduckling

#11 “Left-13, Right-34”

I was told this belongs here. L-13, R-34. from r/uglyduckling

#12 “13, 15, 20 and 27”

13, 15, 20 and 27 years old. from r/uglyduckling

#13 “(Spoiler Alert) I Didn’t Peak In Highschool Lol”

(Spoiler alert) I didn’t peak in highschool lol from r/uglyduckling

#14 “Age 12 To Age 26… Still Feel A Lot Like The Kid On The Left”

Age 12 to Age 26… still feel a lot like the kid on the left. from r/uglyduckling

#15 “11—>30 Braces Were Good To Me”

11—>30 braces were good to me. from r/uglyduckling

#16 “19 To 20. I Would Like To Thank My Dermatologist”

19 to 20. I would like to thank my dermatologist. from r/uglyduckling

#17 “A Slight Change”

A slight change. from r/uglyduckling

#18 “4 Years Later (16-20)”

4 years later (16-20) from r/uglyduckling

#19 “12-27. Lost A Chin, But Gained A Smile”

12-27. Lost a chin, but gained a smile from r/uglyduckling

#20 “Mother’s Day With My Momma 2014-2018”

Mother’s Day with my momma 2014-2018 😄 from r/uglyduckling

#21 “10 Year Different. Ages 13 & 23”

10 year different. Ages 13 & 23 from r/uglyduckling

#22 “From 17 To 18, I Don’t Even Know”

From 17 to 18, i don’t even know from r/uglyduckling

#23 “I Even Went Through A Period Where I Wanted To End My Life In Middle School Because Of My Weight And Look. Now I’m In My 30’s And Feeling The Most Confident I’ve Been In My Life”

Always felt so geeky in high school. I even went through a period where I wanted to end my life in middle school because of my weight and look. Now I’m in my 30’s and feeling the most confident I’ve been in my life. 🙂 big thanks for braces and lasik from r/uglyduckling

#24 “13-21 Puberty Really Hit Me Hard And Shot Me Up To 6ft8”

13-21 Puberty really hit me hard and shot me up to 6ft8😅 from r/uglyduckling

#25 “From 18 To 23. A Completely Different Person Now”

From 18 to 23. A completely different person now. from r/uglyduckling

#26 “7 Years Can Make A Crazy Difference”

7 years can make a crazy difference from r/uglyduckling

#27 “12 vs 20”

12 vs 20. Had to stop riding the bus+change my classes in middle school because I was bullied so bad for „being ugly“ from r/uglyduckling

#28 “3 Years With A Lot Of Time In The Gym And Taking Care Of My Skin”

3 years with a lot of time in the gym and taking care of my skin 🙂 from r/uglyduckling

#29 “Me, Early 20’s Looking Troll Man To More Normal Looking Dude In His 30’s”

Me, early 20’s looking troll man to more normal looking dude in his 30’s. from r/uglyduckling

#30 “18 vs. 23 Just A Late Bloomer I Guess”

18 vs 23 Just a late bloomer i guess 🤷🏽‍♂️ from r/uglyduckling

Which of these transformations do you find the most amazing? And have you also changed so much over time? Show us your pictures in the FB comments!