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25 Realizations That Might Spoil Your Favorite Movies!

When we watch movies or series, we usually don’t question what we see – we prefer to simply drift in the swirl of images. And most of the time, the “beautiful lies” that are presented to us are also clever enough to not seem completely off-base. However, if you think about it more carefully, you usually notice inconsistencies and plot holes in most movies. A thread on Reddit called Shower Thoughts deals with such realizations, among other things…. Here are 25 funny reflections on movies that spoil everything!

#1 Jaws

“If you saw the movie jaw backwards, it’s a heartwarming story about a shark, which gives arms and legs to people who are disabled.”

#2 Star Wars

“The most futuristic thing in the Star Wars universe is probably that planets are always seen as one unity and not hundreds of countries.”

#3 Sequels

“If a sequel to a movie doesn’t have the screenwriters or directors of the first movie in it, it’s basically just a high-budget fanfiction.”

#4 Harry Potter

“Harry Potter is way too emotionally stable for a kid raised by a family who hates him.”

#5 Superman

“Superman’s most unappreciated power is his extraordinary fine motor skill. He has almost unlimited strength and can literally move mountains, yet is also able to shake someone’s hand without inadvertently ripping off their arm.”

#6 The Lion King

“In hindsight, Simba running away after Mufasa died was a good move. If he came back without his dad after his whole „I just can’t wait to be king“ song, he might have been a prime suspect.”

#7 Toy Story

“The most unrealistic thing about Toy Story is that after 14 years Woody still has his hat.”

#8 Cinderella

“Considering that Cinderella’s glass slipper did not turn back to her normal after midnight when it fell off, if Cinderella had completely stripped off she could probably have kept the whole dress.”

#9 The Lord of the Rings

“One day the Lord of the Rings trilogy will be remade and we’ll all hate it.”

#10 Dr. Strange

“Dr. Strange is a movie about the importance of saving before a final boss.”

#11 Star Trek

“If Star Trek-like transporter technology were invented, the airline industry would spend billions to discredit it as unsafe and scary.”

#12 Cars

“The Cars universe doesn’t seem to have any humans in it, but there seems to be billions of cars. Cars need gas, which is created from organic matter. So, the apparent lack of humans makes… more sense.”

#13 The Matrix

“Since The Matrix was released in 1999, cellphones have been replacing landlines and payphones, the only way that we were shown how to get out.”

#14 Avatar

“Avatar, the highest grossing film of all time, seems to have made zero impact on culture. No one references the movie and no one really talks about it since it was released 10 years ago.”

#15 Batman

“The hardest thing to believe about Batman is that not 1 distant relative tried claiming him in order to inherit the Wayne fortune.”

#16 The Hobbit

“It’s weird that Hobbits don’t have a foot washing station at their entry considering how dirty their feet must get and how clean their homes are.”

#17 Vents

“In movies, there are two kinds of vents. Human sized vents and vents that are big enough only for the smallest, least experienced member of the group.”

#18 Spider Man

“Peter Parker must’ve been really confused when he met Nick Fury, since he’s such a big fan of Star Wars, and Nick fury played Mace Windu.”

#19 Beauty and the Beast

“The townsfolk might have liked Belle from Beauty and the Beast more if she hadn’t constantly danced around town singing about how boring they all were.”

#20 Aquaman

“Aquaman’s skin is impenetrable by normal blades, bullets and more… Which makes you wonder how he got his tattoos in the 2018 movie.”

#21 Frozen

“Elsa is pretty athletic for a person that was locked up in her room since she was young until she turned 21.”

#22 Titanic

“The Titanic moved over liquid water, was powered by water vapor and was sunk by frozen water.”

#23 The Hunger Games

“The rich sending the children of the poor to die in combat in the Hunger Games is actually the norm throughout human history.”

#24 Home Alone

“In Home Alone, Uncle Franks says “look what you did you little jerk” to Kevin’s face. Meanwhile Kevin’s dad just sat there while his brother verbally abused his son. Peter McCallister was a bad dad BEFORE he forgot Kevin on 2 separate trips. Maybe that’s why Kevin was acting out in the first place.”

#25 Winnie the Pooh

“You could cosplay as Winnie the Pooh with just a red shirt and confidence.”

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