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24 Differences Between Young People In The 90s And Today’s Teenagers!

A lot has happened between 1990 and 2018. Not only in world politics, but also in technology, music and fashion many things have changed quickly and radically. As children of the 90s we played outside a lot, spent our youth playing Tetris or World of Warcraft on a PC or a Gameboy, and filled our bellies with Raider bars and Capri Sun. In the background there’d be a Now That’s What I Call Music compilation CD playing, which we asked our grandparents to get us for Christmas or on our birthday – or we even went all the way into town to buy one at our favorite record shop.

And if we had any pocket money left over, we’d buy some gum or a collectible figurine from a vending machine. We’d walk around the schoolyard with our Eastpak backpack, trade stickers and felt really cool when we stood taller than our teachers in our Skecher platform sneakers. And to pass the time we’d secretly take the Tamagotchi in our trouser pocket for a walk – and „go to the toilet“ during class to feed it.

Yes, that’s how it used to be. Today, the world looks a little different: The things only the richest kids got from their parents back then (or young people would have to earn by doing lots of chores) have today become a standard part of every child’s or teenager’s room. To us, back then, owning a Nokia 3210 with a color display, on which you could play Snake, make calls and send text messages was a dream come true.

Today’s Smartphone has not only replaced our good old cable phone at home, as well as the cell phone, it even has internet, so we can carry all the knowledge in the world around with us – and read up on anything we aren’t able to remember.

It also serves as a replacement of pen and paper for young people today, and as a PC for on the road, so that almost everything can be done while on the move nowadays – whether it’s writing (email or Whatsapp) letters/messages, collecting (emoji) stickers or buying new clothes.

That was unthinkable 20 years ago. Everyone has to decide for themselves whether that’s a good or a bad thing. We found and compiled 24 differences between young people in the 90s and today’s teenagers that show how much the world has changed:

#1 Our daily „chores“ back then

#2 What children today have to do on a daily basis

#3 What was totally in back then

#4 What today’s young people wear

#5 This is what our sticker albums looked like in the 90s

#6 How stickers are collected today

#7 The coolest school rucksacks when we were younger:

#8 What every young person has to have on their backs today:

#9 This is how we used to play games

#10 This is how people play games today:

#11 What we loved drinking back then (Capri Sun)

#12 What today’s young people love gulping down

#13 We wouldn’t leave the house without these shoes back then

#14 What every teenager wears today

#15 This is what we invested our pocket money in back then

#16 This is how today’s young people spend their money

#17 How we expressed ourselves (in writing) back then

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#18 What teenagers use to express themselves today

#19 The snacks we used to eat back then

#20 This is what young people snack on today

#21 Selfies back then

#22 How people take a selfie today

#23 This is how we used to listen to music


#24 How you compile a playlist today

What other differences between young people back then and today’s generation can you think of? Share your ideas in the comments section!