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35 Things You Don’t Understand If You Were Born After 1990!

We associate Generation X with grunge music most of all. But before the techno heads start protesting that they can’t relate to that classification at all: Generation X actually stands for all the people who were born in the years after the Baby Boomers. So that’s all the people who were born between the 60s and the early 80s. And this Generation X was defined by much more than just 90s grunge. It represents the time before the millennium, when technological innovations changed our lives forever. A life where we weren’t constantly reachable, without virtual worlds and total interconnectedness between complete strangers. As members of this generation we had very different childhoods from those born in subsequent years. So that’s why none of those people born later will have any recollection or understanding of any of the following images. Sorry, dear Gen Z: Only members of Generation X will understand the following 35 pictures!

#1 These Clappers were totally futuristic

#2 You were never supposed to touch these lamps at the top, where they got damn hot

#3 Max Headroom scared the daylights out of you

#4 Rule: Never put your mouth too close to the speaker, as it was already totally gross from the saliva of countless other people

#5 You only thought the concept behind these handheld TVs was cool (you could hardly make out anything on them)

1980s Sony Watchman portable TV from r/nostalgia

#6 These handheld vacuum cleaners were a real hit

#7 A Garfield phone was the epitome of coolness of course

#8 The chocolate (and strawberry)-flavored milk of your childhood

Strawberry Quik in a metal tin from r/nostalgia

#9 This slime was disgusting as it was pleasant to the touch

#10 This is where you always chafed your legs in the summer

It buuurrns!

#11 Everyone had at least one of these Godzilla figures

#12 You had to be careful not to get your fingers jammed in this kids‘ toy medical kit

#13 You drove your parents crazy with this

#14 Do you remember this game?

#15 After drinking: Fill it with air and jump on it!

#16 These bear stickers were a treasured item

#17 Everything somehow tasted better in these thermos bottles

#18 This was next to your parents‘ bed

#19 You regretted it right away when you’d sit on these chairs in shorts

#20 These brown and beige Tupperware sets were in every household

If your Mom had TUPPERWARE in the 80s, you know you had a good mom. Now don’t forget to “burp” it. from r/nostalgia

#21 These frisbees – or any frisbees!

#22 When its eyes lit up in red, it wasn’t as cute

#23 The dancing Coca Cola can – for whatever reason!

#24 Barbie was never better than in the 80s

#25 Do you remember these Leonardo glasses?

#26 …or these cups with the plastic holders?

#27 Looked a little odd, but tasted of vanilla and pineapple

#28 The little miracle that was this mini portable TV

#29 You still have the taste on your tongue, right?

#30 If only you could explain to today’s generations how much fun these used to be

#31 You just liked these little round things – but you never knew how to play with them

#32 Everyone had their favorite marbles

#33 Dear Gen Z, here’s the answer: This was a piggy bank (the worm pulled the coins into the apple)!

#34 This was used for baking on Sundays

#35 It was pure magic when these little shrimp hatched!

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