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30 Hilariously Bad Fake Brands!

As teenagers, we were literally crazy about brands! Everything we owned had to come from the right manufacturer, be it school bags or shirts. Our parents had no understanding for this; for them, clothes had to be practical above all. If the pants didn’t fall right off, everything was fine!

Even today, we like to spend a little more money to get brand quality – even though we know that this is just a false promise. So for scammers, brand fakes are a lucrative business, though most of them aren’t particularly clever… On Reddit, users are making fun of hilariously bad fakes: Here are 30 ridiculously bad copies of brand-name products!

#1 Ralph Lauren chasing Lacoste crocodiles

#2 Just Do It, Mike!

#3 “This is slightly disturbing”

#4 “Surprise” sums it up quite well

#5 “Angry Garfields”

#6 WhatsApp – the scent of your data

#7 “Christian version of Xbox 360”

#8 “Found this on Google”

#9 “Welcome to Pita hut, May I take you order?”

#10 Enter the magical world of the “Justice Magician”

#11 “this lipstick i just got”

#12 My Little Pony Elsa

#13 Cursed hero mashup

#14 “Customer handed me this to transfer their recovered data…”

#15 Shrek goes manga

#16 “I don’t know about you but i’m quite hungry”

#17 Pretty close

#18 “My partner told me she got me some designer sock’s”

#19 What the hell is this?

#20 Enjoy!

#21 The original SpongeBob gun

#22 “My girlfriend’s peepi socks finally arrived”

#23 Tasty red balls

#24 Snipers – give it a shot

#25 “Collection of Oreo Knockoffs”

#26 Oh yes, very clever

#27 “Someone suggested I post my new phone case here”

#28 “This is actually real and actually on prime video”

#29 “Star World”

#30 “Sonic the Transformer”

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