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20 Beloved TV Shows That Had Totally Different Titles At First!

Don’t you also think that some of the movies and TV shows we love have pretty strange titles? Doesn’t Buffy, The Vampire Slayer sound a little cheesy, for example?

But once we get used them, those outlandish titles firmly belong to the respective shows. Still, of course, names don’t come naturally – they are the result of long production meetings and commercial discussions on what the viewers may like most.

Thus, many of the shows and movies we love used to have totally different titles before they were actually broadcasted.

Here are a few examples for such renamings: 20 popular shows which originally had completely different names!

#1 Buffy, The Vampire Slayer – initial name: Slayer

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#2 That 70’s Show – initial name: Teenage Wasteland

#3 Mr. Bean – initial name: Mr. Cauliflower

#4 The Big Bang Theory – initial name: Lenny, Kenny And Penny

#5 Monty Python’s Flying Circus – initial name: Owl Stretching Time

#6 Lost – initial name: Nowhere

#7 Friends – initial name: Six Of One

#8 Married With Children – initial name: Not The Cosby Show

#9 Stranger Things – initial name: Montauk

#10 Charmed – initial name: House Of Sisters

#11 Grey’s Anatomy – initial name: Surgeons

#12 New Girl – initial name: Chicks And Dicks

#13 Saturday Night Live – initial name: NBC’s Saturday Night

#14 This Is Us – initial name: 36

#15 Happy Days – initial name: Cool

#16 Seinfeld – initial name: The Seinfeld Chronicles

#17 Saved By The Bell – initial name: Good Morning, Miss Bliss

#18 Full House – initial name: House Of Comics

#19 Wizards Of Waverly Place – initial name: The Amazing O’Malleys

#1 One Tree Hill – initial name: Ravens

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