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8 Video Games You Never Knew Were Based On Movies!

It is obvious that the world of video games and Hollywood are closely connected. Usually the game version of a Marvel blockbuster follows shortly after the respective movie has been released. Sometimes it is the other way around: Tomb Raider, for example, was a game before it became a movie.

However, there are also references between games and films that are less obvious. Here are a few examples: 8 video games based on legendary movies!

#1 Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune – Indiana Jones

Both game and movie are essentially about treasure-hunting and exotic backdrops. There are dangers to be overcome and the protagonist is confronted with supernatural elements.

#2 Max Payne 3 – Man on Fire

The third part of the game series refers in many ways to the action-packed movie starring Denzel Washington: Both protagonists take on security jobs, both have a dark past, they work for unscrupulous bosses… and so on.

#3 L.A. Noire – L.A. Confidential

The game’s protagonist, Cole Phelps, mirrors the film character Ed Exley, an ambitious, principled detective. The game is set in the late 1940s; L.A. Confidential takes place only a few years later, in the early 50s.

#4 The Fallout series – Mad Max

A post-apocalyptic setting is the backdrop for both the game and the film. Leather clothing is omnipresent, and in Fallout 1 you can even make friends with a dog that looks like the Blue Heeler from Mad Max.


#5 Metroid – Alien

The films as well as the video games feature a claustrophobic, paranoid space setting. In both cases the protagonists are strong female characters – Samus Aran in Metroid, Ellen Ripley in Alien.

#6 Metal Gear Solid – Escape from New York

Just compare the names of the respective main characters: Solid Snake in the game, Snake Plissken in Escape from New York. The similarities were so obvious that director John Carpenter actually wanted to sue game developer Hideo Kojima. He eventually didn’t because Kojima was “a nice guy”.

#7 Medal of Honour: Allied Assault – Saving Private Ryan

This is an obvious case, because director Steven Spielberg has worked on the dialogues for the game. Some game sequences actually recreate scenes from Saving Private Ryan, for example the “Omaha Beach” level, which clearly refers to the legendary opening scene of the film.

#8 Spec Ops: The Line – Apocalypse Now

In both film and game, the colonel disappears and the protagonists have to find him. The look of the game also resembles the film. The gaming website Thumbsticks even judged in 2017: “An Apocalypse Now game in all but name.”

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