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30 Things From Our Childhood That Seem Hilariously Outdated Today!

It’s really hard being a grown up in the new millennium! Not only does time seem to move faster and faster individually, as it does when you get older – but the world as a whole seems to be spinning faster compared to the somehow tranquil 90s and 80s. Digital developments like ultra-fast home computers or smartphones have turned our lives upside down very quickly, and who knows what the future holds? What was innovative a year earlier is now obsolete. Honestly, you can’t help feeling outdated yourself! It’s just too hard keep up…

In this respect it is at the same time comforting and painful to look at everyday objects of the last century. On the one hand, you can rejoice, because after all, you are still here – on the other hand, these things make us long for (supposedly?) easier times…

Here are 30 things that used to be commonplace when we were young – and seem completely outdated today!

#1 Those chunky monitors

Remade my room from the 90s in a 3D-software, as I remembered it. from r/nostalgia

#2 Our childhood heroes

Visiting home and Mom busts out my sheets from 1986 from r/nostalgia

#3 Eat that, Spotify!

CD Wallets… I know they’re still around, but 90s nostalgia. from r/nostalgia

#4 Viennetta, the posh ice cream of the 90s

Viennetta, the ice cream that I knew my family couldn’t afford from r/nostalgia

#5 Actor Jonathan Hyde, who helped shape the ’90s with films like Richie Rich, Jumanji, Titanic and The Mummy – though sadly no one knows his name

Actor Jonathan Hyde, a staple of fun 90s movies (Pictured: Richie Rich, Jumanji, Titanic, and The Mummy) from r/nostalgia

#6 This Fisher Price farm

Fisher Price Farm from r/nostalgia

#7 Rental stores (that wonderful smell of plastic and cigarette smoke!)

I truly miss rental stores from r/nostalgia

#8 Console Tvs (and the NES, of course!)

Big Wood Grain Console TVs from r/nostalgia

#9 This blanket that could be found on every couch in the 80s

The blanket that was set over every grandma’s couch from r/nostalgia

#10 Comics on chewing gum wrap

Bazooka Joe gum from r/nostalgia

#11 Chemistry class in this room

90s high school science classroom from r/nostalgia

#12 Does anyone still know The Pagemaster?

Does anyone remember The Pagemaster? from r/nostalgia

#13 Buying audio cassettes at a store

Going to the mall in the 80s and having a wall of cassettes to choose from from r/nostalgia

#14 Our favorite characters from Land Before Time

Land Before Time! Pizza Hut toys! In the 80s and early hut did cool stuff. from r/nostalgia

#15 What it felt like to thumb through index cards at the library

Who remembers looking through the card catalog to find a book? from r/nostalgia

#16 Your parents‘ stereo – and the metallic clacking sound when you closed the glass door

Entertainment cabinets, the click sound it would make after closing from r/nostalgia

#17 These beautiful VHS Covers

Blank VHS covers had some wild artwork from r/nostalgia

#18 Lined paper you used in elementary school

Elementary School Paper from r/nostalgia

#19 Every cinema back in the ’90s

90’s movie theaters 🎥🍿 from r/nostalgia

#20 Splinter from the Turtles immortalized on a knitted sweater

🔥 sweater my grandma sewed for me in the early 90s from r/nostalgia

#21 When will cable phones (and this perfectly matched look) make a comeback?

Anyone else want to bring back kitchen phones with the 10 ft cord? from r/nostalgia

#22 Tupperware like this

The Tupperware lemonade jug that was in everyone’s fridge from r/nostalgia

#23 Wooden playgrounds without newfangled frippery

Wooden Playground: Despite scorching hot metal slides and rubber bridges – we always went back for more… from r/nostalgia

#24 Former companions of our everyday life, which we simply can not throw out

My collection of old electronics that I cannot throw out from r/nostalgia

#25 Such coasters

Paper plate holders. from r/nostalgia

#26 The criminally underrated Super Mario Bros. 2

#27 Your grandparents‘ Hollywood swing

#28 An ashtray from McDonald’s

McDonald’s Ash Tray from r/nostalgia

#29 Do you still remember datasettes?

#30 A Pager (hardly anyone had one, so yours was kind of useless)

Motorola Two-Way Pager from r/nostalgia

Can you think of other things or experiences that seem out of time and outdated today? Tell us in the FB comments!