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12 Things All 80s Kids Had In Their School Bag!

In our youth, school bags were much more than just the bulky, practical containers our parents thought they were. Of course it was exhausting carrying our school books around with them. But fortunately they contained so much more than just school supplies…

Here are 12 things that could be found in every school bag in the 80s and 90s!

#1 Exactly these erasers – but what was the blue side meant for?

#2 With Tipp-Ex we thought we could correct errors invisibly – which of course was complete nonsense…

#3 A lunch box with a stinky sausage sandwich in it also belonged in the school bag

#4 This dessert: Salt ‘n’ Shake Crisps

#5 Trading cards, scattered in the depths of our school bag

#6 3D rulers offered at least a little bit of entertainment during maths lessons

#7 Marbles were still a thing in our 80s youth

#8 These handheld computer games were true school break highlights

#9 With a Helix Calculator pencil case you were one of the cool kids

#10 Kwenchy Kups Drinks were just so tasty

#11 Micro Machines were small enough to carry literally hundreds of them around with us in our bags

#12 The only true schoolyard currency: Panini Stickers

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