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20 Couples Retelling Their Love Story With Just Two Pictures!

When couples talk about how they got together, it can be pretty dull. It’s hard for others to understand the individual emotional rollercoaster.

But on Twitter, many couples have now found a funny and touching way to make their stories a bit more tangible. With just two pictures – snapshots and chat histories, e.g. from the beginning of their relationship – they show how their love for each other has developed.

We have picked out a few of the most beautiful examples: Here are 20 couples retelling their love story with just two pictures!

#1 From dark emo to white wedding

#2 “Hey any mutual wanna be my friend i swear im nice sometimes”

#3 “Pardon me if i’m barking up the wrong tree”

#4 “All i want rn is wine and cuddling some1”

#5 “Hi it’s your future boyfriend”

#6 “Your whole Taylor swift group is cool”

#7 “I’m over this paper so…”

#8 “Yeah i said epic in 2020”

#9 “Any time and place is good too”

#10 “Okay thanks”

#11 “I hope this doesn’t come off as super weird”

#12 “You’re really fucking cool”

#13 “I bet my baby boy was so happy!”“

#14 “Merry Christmas”

#15 “Roxy from Kingsman”

#16 Cryptic but lovely

#17 “Youre the cutest thing ever”

#18 “You are soooo totally gonna be in my will!”

#19 “lol why you shy”

#20 “I really need a hug rn”

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