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30 Ads From Way Back Then That Will Put A Grin On Your Face!

When we talk about everyday culture, we mean things like music or TV. Most people are hardly aware of how much publicity ads influence our lives and our view of the world. And it’s no surprise, ‚cause they’re everywhere. We’re confronted with them in the form of outdoor posters, TV ads and newspaper ads, for example. And let’s not forget those accursed online banner ads!

The exciting thing is that they reflect the times (and especially consumption habits) more than any other media. And for that reason it’s all the funnier to see outdate ads that advertise products that seem like museum relics today. We’ve compile a few of these treasures just for you: Here are 30 ads from the past that will put a grin on your face!

#1 Save 800 dollars – and pay only 1499!

#2 The 16K RAM card that turns your computer into a working giant

#3 Only Dixons make home

#4 If typists were robots…

#5 Seagull’s 80 RAM hard drive – The capacity is high, the price is not

#6 Radio Shack’s TRS-80 Computer is the smartest way to write

#7 For people who want power. And something more

#8 The new standard – the Microsoft mouse

#9 Introducing the most agile mouse ever to set foot on a desktop

#10 Your secret telephone directory on your wrist!

#11 P2 Portable – 1989

#12 When I say this pocket camera is ready in a flash, I mean ready in a flash!

#13 I don’t let anything get in the way of my enjoyment

#14 Panasonic introduces a cordless telephone small enough to fit into your shirt pocket. And that’s not even the big news

#15 Philips Video

#16 Radio recorders, suitcase radios, cassette players, Musiclock, record player

#17 Atari – There’s no comparing it with any other video game

#18 Sony’s Walkmans give you carry-around sound

#19 Portable cassette players galore

#20 From 16/12/93: Message Pad premieres in Germany!

#21 Just don’t smile when they say you’re grounded

#22 32 MB memory

#23 Why every kid should have an Apple after school

#24 Sharp – Hi-Fashion sound!

#25 Raleigh – we’ve put more teeth in the chopper

#26 JVC – Color videocassette recorder

#27 It’s so light you can take it anywhere!

#28 Technics

#29 Mediterraneum – The fragrance for men created for the pleasure of women

#30 Go crazy about the latest fashion fragrance from the GDR!

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