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28 Extremly Important Life Hacks From The 90s That Are Totally Useless Today!

Life hacks, one should think, are a trend from the 2000s which came along with Social Media. But they already were important in the 90s – perhaps life hacks were even more important back in the day than they are now, because you had to improvise to find solutions. Your NES game isn’t working? Just blow on the cartridge!

Obviously, those tricks are pretty worthless today. But at least you still get a blast of nostalgia thinking about them. Here are 28 life hacks from back in the day that are completely useless now!

#1 If you don’t want your younger brother to read your diary, just hide it in an empty VHS case

#2 Print directions from websites like Mapquest before you start your trip

#3 Your pockets aren’t big enough? Buy a pair of cargo pants!

#4 Start your download before bedtime – it should be at 90% in the morning

#5 Clean your mouse if it’s lagging – just take out the ball and get rid of the dust

#6 You have to wait until you see the „It’s now safe to turn off your computer“ before you shut it down

#7 Just blow on the cartridge if your NES game isn’t working


#8 Close all other programs before you burn a CD to avoid burning errors

#9 When you get a 2-day rental from Blockbuster in the evening, you can return your movies on the morning of the third day without risking a late fee


#10 You should keep a disposable camera in the glove compartment of your car so you can take photos in case of an accident


#11 Just press ctrl+shift+c and enter ‚Motherlode‘ to get an extra 50,000 Simoleans in Simcity

#12 You can reformat a disk if you place a piece of tape over the lock hole

#13 Take the radio with you or put it in the glove compartment when you leave the car


#14 Save time and invest in an VHS rewinder

#15 When playing Simon with your family, just assign a number to every color and count them – it’s easier to remember a number sequence then a color sequence

#16 Need to fix your knotted Slinky? Start by twisting counter to the knot and then back the opposite direction


#17 Make sure you have the remote close to you when watching scrambled porn on the Spice Channels so you can easily switch back to ESPN if your parents wake up


#18 A winged Tamagotchi means that your Tamagotchi went back to his home planet. But don’t worry: Just press A and B simultaneously to get a new egg

#19 When your computer’s frozen, just press ctrl+alt+delete to close all applications or force a restart

#20 You can use the Turbo Button on your computer if a game is running too slow

#21 Get frosted tips to impress the girls

#22 You can smuggle snacks in your cargo pants when you go to the movies so you don’t have to buy the expensive stuff at the cinema


#23 When you dip your hand in bleach and then touch your clothes, your friends will think that you’re wearing a cool hypercolor shirt

Generra Hypercolor 2.jpg
By Piercetheorganist at English Wikipedia – Self-made image of my own own clothing., Public Domain, Link

#24 Attach the ty tag to your Beanie Baby with a safety pin so it doesn’t lose value

#25 All important files should be at least 1.45mb big so they can’t get stolen with a floppy disk


#26 When you get a prank call, you can simply dial *69 to call them back

#27 You can make your friends believe that you own a Magic Eye Poster by taking a picture of some TV static – then put it on the wall and tell them that there’s a dolphin

TV noise.jpg
By Mysid – Self-taken photograph., Public Domain, Link

#28 If you attach colored tin foil to your pants, everyone will think you’re a cool raver

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