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20 Trainees Who Won’t Be Completing Their Apprenticeship Successfully!

„Fails“ are the icing on the cake of Internet entertainment. But there are all kinds of them, unfortunately: While fashion fails are generally considered funny, accidents etc. can quickly wipe the smile off your face. Trainee fails are probably somewhere in-between. No one is likely to be harmed (so soon), but on the other hand you have to realize that this thing was really made, and someone – if in doubt, the tax payer – paid for it!

That’s why you can decide how to categorize and react to the following examples. Whether you laugh or cry, both reactions would be fitting. Maybe you even do both at the same time. Here are 20 trainee fails that are almost too weird to be true!

#1 „I laid a bike, boss!“

I laid a bike, boss from r/NotMyJob

#2 It was clearly too hard to install this flush the usual way here

#3 At least it still works, right?

installed the stairs boss from r/NotMyJob

#4 There’s something missing, isn’t it?

Installed the door boss! from r/NotMyJob

#5 Yeah, sure, why not (take it or leave it)

#6 The balcony itself is actually absolutely fine here, but something’s missing somehow

#7 The building’s on a slope, most likely (clears throat)

#8 What is a drain for again?

#9 I prefer washboard abs over a washboard street, but I don’t want to complain

#10 This is almost surreal, right?

#11 If the right building materials weren’t delivered, you just need some imagination

#12 „Cables are protected boss!“

Cables are protected boss from r/NotMyJob

#13 Bang – good morning!

#14 Yes I know what dinosaurs look like.

Yes I know what dinosaurs look like. from r/NotMyJob

#15 The repairs are practically invisible

#16 „Oh, boss, we’ll straighten it out, don’t worry“

#17 Erm… almost

#18 Your new bathroom looks really fancy

#19 I wonder whether this was planned?

#20 Breaking ranks: When the boss has gone to take a dump and the apprentice takes over

Which of these fails „convinced“ you the most? And did you laugh or cry? Send us a comment on FB!