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You Will Never Forget These 10 Traumatizing Moments From 80s Kids Movies!

In the ’80s, certain „kids“ films scarred a whole generation of children. Movies like The Dark Crystal and Return To Oz left us traumatized, but even seemingly innocent films like E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial contained scenes that definitely were never meant to be watched by children.

Though it may be painful to reminisce: Here are 10 traumatizing kids films from the 80s we’ll never forget!

#1 Goonies: The Fratellis

Of course, the monstrous Sloth was scary – but not as much as Mama Fratelli. What kind of mother would treat her children like that?

#2 Who Framed Roger Rabbit: The Dip

For the most part, Who Framed Roger Rabbit was funny and adventurous. But the scene where the poor, innocent shoe gets dissolved by “the dip” was simply horrible…

#3 The Dark Crystal: The Skeksis

The whole mood and atmosphere of The Dark Crystal made us shiver. Especially frightening were the Skeksis, those giant bird-reptiles which haunted our nightmares for years to come.

#4 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial: The home invasion

Who wouldn’t be afraid of faceless men invading your house and tearing apart your family? This is a primal fear of every child.

#5 All Dogs Go to Heaven: Hell

All Dogs Go to Heaven is such a loveable film – why did the scene in which Charlie stares into the apocalyptic depths of hell have to be so drastic?

#6 Return To Oz: The Wheelers

Return To Oz wasn’t exactly a kids movie, admittedly. But we all watched it nonetheless – and dark characters like the Wheelers scared the hell out of us.

#7 The Secret of NIMH: The Owl

This movie is filled with a lot of frightening beasts, but the Great Owl with its sharp claws and snapping was particularly horrifying.

#8 The NeverEnding Story: Artax‘ death

For many children, the scene in which Artax dies in the Swamps of Sadness was the moment they realized what loss really means.

#9 The Black Cauldron: The Horned King and his skeleton army

Thanks god this movie wasn’t as popular as other problematic kids films in the ’80s – it contains way to much dark imagery to be appropriate for children.

#10 Labyrinth: The goblins

The scene in which the goblins kidnap Toby was really hard to watch – but it was just a first glimpse at the scary and morbid world we were about to enter…

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