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10 Fascinating Facts About Star Wars Legend Carrie Fisher!

Carrie Fisher has become immortalised through her role in Star Wars. However, even after her first global success, the actress continued to pursue her dreams. She has appeared in classics such as ‘When Harry Met Sally’ and ‘The ‚Burbs’ and she has always remained relevant in action – most recently in the bitterly wicked satire ‘Maps to the Stars’ in 2013. Also not forgetting the new edition of Star Wars from 2017!

Here are 10 interesting facts about Hollywood icon Carrie Fisher!

#1 In retrospect, she would have turned down the role of Princess Leia

The fame brought on by her role as Princess Leia made her parents’ lives difficult; she also began to use drugs and increasingly lost control.

#2 She worked on a number of film scripts

As a ‘Script Doctor’, she participated in script writing of big films such as ‘Hook’, ‘Sister Act’ and ‘Lethal Weapon 3’.

#3 She was James Blunt’s ‘therapist’

Carrie Fisher was so close to James Blunt that there was a rumour there were in a relationship. However, all she did was ‘treat’ the singer, as she once said: “The boy was a soldier. He has seen terrible things”.

She posthumously received a Grammy

In 2018, two years after her death, she received a Grammy Award for ‘Best Spoken Word Album’ with her self-produced autobiography, ‘The Princess Diarist’.

#5 She came from a family of artists

She was the daughter of Hollywood actress, Debbie Reynolds (‘You are my lucky star’ from ‘Singing in the Rain’) and of the successful singer and entertainer, Eddie Fisher.

#6 Dan Akroyd saved her life

Akroyd, Fisher’s fiancé at the time, saved her from choking on a piece of Brussels sprout using the Heimlich manoeuver.

#7 She was manic depressive and had a drug problem

Fisher announced that cocaine helped her to feel “more normal” and stay in control. She had electric shock therapy for six weeks to blow apart “the cement” in her brain.

#8 She had a relationship with Harrison Ford

In her autobiography, she revealed her affair with the actor during the filming of ‘Star Wars’ at the end of the 70s. Not only was Ford 10 years older, but he was already married with two children.

#9 She was scared of a ghost in her house

A friend of Fisher, Greg Stevens, died of an overdose at her house in 2005 – for a year, the actress thought his ghost was haunting her.

#10 As a child, she adored reading

Nevertheless, she dropped out of high school before getting her diploma in order to devote herself to her acting career.

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