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How It Felt To Be Off Sick From School In The 80s!

Of course, being sick is really bad. But as a child, there was a good thing about it: You could stay home! And if you managed to fight off the actual feeling of being sick, you could even enjoy the possibilities and the freedom you suddenly had. With your parents gone to work, you could play Atari non-stop. Or watch Kids TV Shows all day.

And certain things probably still remind you of those rather special days: Here are 12 childhood memories of being sick back in the 80s!

#1 Ribena, which was essentially pure sugar – how we loved that taste!


#2 Watching ‘For Schools and Colleges’ TV, a quite acceptable substitute for school

#3 Swallowing Aspirin tablets which felt way too big for your mouth

#4 Vicks VapoRub still makes you think of being tucked in and fall asleep feeling safe and cozy

#5 Yummy Penicillin, especially the one with strawberry flavor

#6 Getting a brand new comic book you could read in bed

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#7 Hot water and towels – we hated it, but unfortunately, it did work

#8 Vintage soap operas – it wasn’t always prime time for kids, so we had to sit and watch old TV shows with our mom

#9 Glass thermometers – they always were so damn cold at first!

#10 Cough drops, another tasty highlight when you were (moderately) sick

#11 Sick buckets. Not a fond memory, tbh

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#12 Lucozade – but how should a sparkling drink actually sooth your stomach?

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