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20 Accessories Of The 2000s That Hopefully Never Make A Comeback!

In retrospect, the 2000s were a time of glaring fashion failures – how could we have believed at the time that glitter tops, brown lipstick and flared jeans were wearable, especially in combination? The icing on the cake, however, were the accessories that we thought were necessary (or at least beautiful) at the time. Diamantés on fingernails and even teeth, oversized earrings and belly button jewelry completed our 2000s outfit, and we hope that these „treasures“ will never make a comeback.

If you dare to look back: These were the 20 worst accessories of the 2000s!

#1 Remember those weird scrunchies?

#2 Or those artificial braids that were supposed to make your hair look thicker?

#3 Hair bands that actually didn’t push back the hair

#4 Diamantés all over the place! For example on our fingernails…

#5 …or on our teeth!

#6 We wore ties like necklaces

#7 Toe rings seemed like a good thing

#8 This kind of hippie hair jewelry

#9 Chains on our baggy pants (and all other pants)

#10 Studded belts, Avril style

#11 Spiky earrings that looked like psychedelic chestnuts

#12 Oversized earrings, which literally pulled our ears to the ground

#13 Pseudo-oriental piercings

#14 Butterfly hair clips

#15 Exactly this emo belt

#16 …or this one

#17 Tinted sunglasses

#18 This pandora bracelet

#19 Not to forget the fake Tiffany necklaces

#20 And of course hair scarves – preferably with rhinestones!

Which of these accessories did you carry around with you back in the 2000s? Tell us in the FB comments!