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17 Gifts That Made Every Girl In The 2000s Happy!

Gifts for children have become more and more spectacular over the last decades – while our parents had to play with wooden ducks and self-knitted cuddly toys (at least that’s what we imagine), we had toys that generations before us could only dream of. No matter what you wished for – the toy range in the 90s, but also in the 2000s was simply gigantic and complex!

Mom, dad, grandma and grandpa, but also aunts and uncles couldn’t wait to delight us with their gifts for our birthdays, Christmas and any other celebrations. And some of them belong from today’s point of view very specifically to the 00s… Here come the ultimate gifts for girls in the 2000s!

#1 Everyone wanted a Game Boy

Especially with the latest Pokémon Game!

#2 Instead of Instagram makeup, glitter was your world. A lot of glitter…

#3 The first nail polish had to be especially colourful of course…

#4 The scent of every sports locker room.

#5 Your first mobile phone was not yet capable of selfies – and your parents only bought it „for security reasons“ so that you could call if anything happened

#6 „Fishbone“ clothes were the Gucci of the ’00s

#7 You probably don’t even know where your first CD is right now

#8 From the third grade on, things got a little cooler…

#9 Everyone wanted an iPod!

#10 With a little luck you might even had a „Power Puff Girls“ Barbie!

#11 Pikachu was your absolute favorite!

#12 As a huge Britney fan the matching t-shirt should not be missing.

#13 Those bracelets were so cool!

#14 Who was the coolest girl in school? With these pens, no one challenged your rank!

#15 A Tamagotchi for your birthday was THE ultimate present for little girls of that time!

#16 Each bracelet was a gift from a friend – and you had lots of friends!

#17 You already felt totally grown up, because one day instead of Britney you just listened to Avril on dad’s CD player all day long!

Which of these gifts were important to you back then? Tell us in the comments!