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20 Very Specific Memories You Haven’t Thought About For 20 Years!

Our perception of time is pretty relative. On some days something that happened a year ago feels ancient – on others it feels like it just happened yesterday. The noughties are similar – on the one hand it was the „new millennium“, and so it can’t have been that long ago. On the other hand, most kids born in the early noughties already have a driver’s license now…

Sometimes, specific memories help to give you the right perspective – such as the ones we’ve listed below: 20 things from the noughties that you haven’t thought about for ages!

#1 You needed CD-ROMs to install games – several, in fact!

#2 Those flat EarPods that came with your iPod

#3 These woolen socks that served as an iPod case

#4 iPod Transmitters that never really worked


#5 Hilary Duff’s „Stuff” clothing line

#6 Microsoft’s Zune Player

#7 The first mobiles with a color screen

#8 How everyone was constantly playing Sudoku


#9 „Guitar Hero“ at parties

#10 The „Da Vinci Code“ hype, which is to blame for thousands of historic programs that are still showing on the History Channel today

#11 Portable DVD players

#12 GPS devices in the car

#13 Livestrong wristbands that came in this packaging

#14 This crazy radio alarm clock

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#15 The Teletubbies – the hate and the hype

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#16 The smell of this deodorant

#17 That old Fishbone jumper you probably still have in your wardrobe

#18 This MP3 player, which had you pressing more buttons than listening to music

#19 Colorful mobile covers

#20 Hacky-sack in the park (and everywhere else)


Which of these memories from the noughties do you share? Drop us a comment on FB!