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30 Hairstyles You Get When Intern Cuts Your Hair!

None of us kids of the 80s, 90s or 2000s are innocent – we all committed „hairstyle crimes“! Be it the glam rock perm, emo bangs or hydrogen blonde hair, each decade held its own fashion and hairstyle pitfalls. The following cases, however, are nevertheless both extreme and hard to justify: Here are 30 hairstyles that actually shouldn’t exist!

#1 „When your company says no facial hair…“

#2 A collection of hairstyles that soccer players thought were cool

#3 Good god!

#4 Dammit!

#5 „‚I’d like to speak to the manager and the police. I’d like to speak to the police manager'“

#6 „Irresistible“

#7 „Peacock Karen – lvl 90 Boss“

#8 „Share this with your loved ones“

#9 „What in god’s name is this“

#10 „Granted, it was on a programme about conspiracies but still“

#11 „Flying Saucers of the 1980s“

#12 „Stockbroker in the front, influencer in the back“

#13 „Rat tail in front?“

#14 „Diy ski mask“

#15 „If your lawyer’s hair looks like this, you’re going to jail“

#16 Bad taste, good execution

#17 „I, too, have crossed paths with Meth Lab Myrtle and the Magical Mullet“

#18 „I have spent 12 hours at the salon. Now let’s race.“

#19 „Got my haircut in China: pic 1 is what I asked for, pic 2 is what I got“

#20 When your hair wishes a Happy New Year

#21 This hurts

#22 „Gimme that old man front with the Marine Corps back. But, like, with a douchey beard too“

#23 „Leeeech“

#24 „I think she likes it“

#25 „One has to wonder what goes to their mind when they go to get this done“

#26 „The CEO of bang energy drinks looks exactly how you’d expect“

#27 Call it Duracell look

#28 „Uh……. I got nothing“

#29 „Shia LaBeouf never disappoints“

#30 This looks like someone put the hair of a much smaller man on his head

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